The Thompsons

Now, living as The Thompsons in a small northern border town, the family has strived hard to keep a low profile the past few years, carefully restraining their murderous habits. For the first time, they are starting to understand what it feels like to live normal lives… until recently.

Someone has begun to brutally kill young women within their tight knit community. The unknown killer exposed by the local news as someone who drains the blood of his victims and leaves them for dead. The district police take it personal, vowing to catch the killer immediately.

The family instantly start to blame one another for the murders as the bodies begin to pile up. Each family member swears they’ve kept to the pact of hunting prey miles out of town, but they are soon left with only one last conclusion… Could another possible “family” be responsible for the murders

Release date: 2011

Director: The Butcher Brothers

Cast: Cory Knauf, Samuel Child, Joseph McKelheer and Mackenzie Firgens

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