The Mist

Release date: November 21, 2007

Director: Frank Darabont

Main Cast: Thomas Jane, Laurie Holden, Nathan Gamble, Jeffrey DeMunn and Toby Jones

Based on a book by Stephen King, The Mist takes place in a small Maine town where everyone seems to know everyone else. Most of the action of the movie unfolds inside a supermarket where the townspeople have gathered to stock up on supplies after a large storm hit their town the night before. Among the shoppers are David Drayton (Thomas Jane) and his young son, Billy (Nathan Gamble), who, along with the rest of the customers, are in shock when a bloodied man bursts in yelling murder and mayhem, something or someone seems to have snatched up another man, sucking this lost soul into the fast-creeping, swallowing mist that is moving across town.

The mist moves into the town as a mystery at first, delicate and light gray. In an earlier scene in the movie it hovers like a wary animal next to a metal gate at the back of the supermarket. A few men, David among them, are trying to decide whether it is safe to go outside and have slid the gate up just a little. They peer at it, though no one grasps its brooding, pulsing aliveness. Then a tentacle slithers into view and slimes across the floor. The Mist is more than just your typical monster movie, instead it’s a monster movie with added examination of human nature. Darabont’s script develops each character, and the film’s real thrills come from following his group of terrified survivors as they fight, fear, as well as fall apart in different ways as their hope begins to diminish. Some turn to God and fatalism, others move towards logic, still others choose denial and pay for their refusal to face facts(with death). David Drayton however, simply refuses to give up until the end of the movie.

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