Dog Eat Dog


DOG EAT DOG is "Great American Revenge Film"

Writer and Director Jose Prendes (The Monster Man, Corpses Are Forever) is prepping to film his third and most ambitious film DOG EAT DOG. He is calling the project "The Great American Revenge Film" and promises to give action movie fans an adrenaline rush while making the gore hounds squirm.

"My last two films were decidedly low budget affairs that didn't really allow me to get crazy, but this time around we are doing it right and going big," says Prendes. "I love Chan-wook Park stuff so I really want to channel him to make something truly unique, a crime/ horror thriller that goes completely balls-to-the-wall in an operatic way, like a war poem. It gives me such great joy to take an audience on a completely unpredictable blood-soaked rocket ride and that's the exact response we've gotten from the script."

The violent revenge thriller concerning a kidnapped girl fighting her way through a gang of vicious criminals with the aid of a rusty sledgehammer is set to start filming in early 2011 with the brilliant up-and-comer Stephanie Greco (Phoenix Falling) in the lead. Also joining the cast is Lin Shaye (2001 Maniacs, There's Something About Mary), R.A. Mihailoff (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, Hatchet 2), Ruben Pla (Insidious, Dead Air), and Brian Larrabee (Sweetwater, The Ballad of Buck Trucker) among others yet to be cast.

Watch the promo trailer for the film here and be sure to check out the facebook page for more info on the upcoming film.

Also thank website fan Jose (who is also the director of the film) for bringing us this horror related news.

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