bad girls burn in hell

David and Susan Shepherd, own and live out of a funeral home. They are very respected in the community, they are on the neighborhood watch, can be found at town meetings, and go to church...religiously. They also kidnap young, unsuspecting "Bad Girls" and teach them a lesson in the basement....a lesson they'll take to the grave...or at least the crawlspace.

When they abducted "bad girl" Chloe everything seemed to go as planned, but quickly they find out that HELL is coming for THEM. When Chloe's younger sister Trish finds out that the couple has her sister she tries to break into the funeral home to get her out. But when she is caught by the husband Trish soon finds herself in the same situation that her sister was in, the basement! As Trish fights to find out what they did to her sister, she comes face to face with the horrifying truth.

Release date: 2010

Director: Travis B. Miller

Cast: Chris Burchette, Rachel Grubb, Devanny Pinn and Veronica Copher

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